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Club Administrator Guides

The documents below will help club administrators navigate through the Gymnastics BC registration management system.



LoginExistingAccount| Existing Accounts
Login | New Accounts
My Account
Account Status
Account [Administrators]
Account Details
Message Lists


Participant profile details
How to add a participant profile
Adding an existing participant profile (for CLUBS)
Adding an existing participant profile (for INDIVIDUALS)
How to edit a participant profile
Preventing duplicate participant profiles
How to search for a participant profile
Where to find a participant’s GymBC#
How to withdraw competitive athletes from one category in order to register them in a different category



How to register individual participants
Individual Registrations
How to withdraw competitive athletes from one category in order to register them in a different category
File Import Instructions
File Import Troubleshooting
Potential Errors when Importing Participants
How to register annual club memberships
GymBC Assumption of Risk Waiver/Form in Uplifter




Registered Members Report
Competitive Athlete List
Individuals Profiles


How to submit your shopping cart
Three parts of an invoice
How to review all invoices
How to pay outstanding invoices




How do I log in?
How do I create a new account?
Where can I find the GymBC#?
How can I pay for outstanding invoices?
How do I add a club administrator to my club's account?
How do I import a file to register my individual participants?
I ran into an error with the file import.



If you have further questions, please contact the Gymnastics BC Member Services Manager at

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